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Harnessing GenAI to revolutionize mobile and web apps

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The genie is out of the bottle – GenAI is transforming how we interact with software. Are you ready to discover how to harness generative AI to  accelerate your business and create groundbreaking features for your apps?

Generative AI offers unprecedented opportunities to streamline operations and boost your bottom line. From saving valuable time by automating customer inquiries to creating personalised content that captivates your audience, GenAI has you covered. Watch the AI Waves#7 webinar to get to know real examples of how GenAI can improve your app's productivity, profitability, and customer experience. 

Our speaker, Jerzy Biernacki, is an AI expert who has already helped design and develop GenAI-powered features. During the webinar, he shares his insights and expertise on AI implementations within various industries.

Watch the webinar to learn


How GenAI impacts diverse aspects of life, business, work, and software development


The latest state-of-the-art tools and applications from different industries that are already utilizing GenAI


How to integrate this cutting-edge technology into your mobile and web applications

This high-level overview will give you the knowledge and confidence to embrace GenAI to create a new era of innovative mobile and web app experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and discover the endless possibilities of GenAI for business. Register now and join me for this game-changing webinar!

About the Speaker 


Jerzy Biernacki

Chief AI Officer and AI expert at Miquido

Jerzy is the Head of Operations at Miquido, a full-service software development company. Despite his executive position, he remains hands-on in supporting clients to build digital products, especially in AI for mobile and web apps. With an impressive track record, Jerzy has worked on projects for brands like Play, Aviva, Onkyo, and HelloFresh. He started his career as a software developer before moving to project management. His relentless pursuit of innovation led him to establish and grow the R&D and AI departments at Miquido.

Moreover, Jerzy has a solid academic background with a PhD in computer science. He spent many years at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, nurturing his research interests and contributing to the scientific community.

Who is it for? 


Business executives    |     Technology managers    |     Startup owners

Curious minds interested in introducing new technologies into their work


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