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GenAI: Powering up the enterprise growth 

Streamlining operations with document processing, report generation (and more)

Webinar On-Demand

Embark on a journey into innovation as Generative AI revolutionizes enterprise processes. Have you harnessed the power of GenAI to elevate your business operations?

Explore the AI Waves#8 webinar on demand, where we showcase real-life examples of GenAI seamlessly integrating into internal processes, particularly in document processing and report generation. Uncover the practical benefits that range from saving valuable time to enhancing cost efficiency and overall productivity. Join us on a journey towards a future where GenAI meets practicality and empowers your enterprise to thrive.

Watch the webinar to learn


How GenAI actively reduces cost across enterprise processes


How to streamline document processing, achieving automation and increasing efficiency in managing invoices and requests


How GenAI transforms raw data into actionable insights, ensuring integrity and facilitating informed decision-making

This high-level overview will give you the knowledge and confidence to embrace GenAI to create a new era of innovative mobile and web app experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and discover the endless possibilities of GenAI for business. Register now and join me for this game-changing webinar!

About the Speakers

Lars Rinnan bwLars Rinnan

Founder & exec Chairman at Amnesto NextBridge

Lars Rinnan is a visionary CEO, angel investor, board member, public speaker, and futurist from Oslo, Norway.  Lars has started six companies within business analytics and artificial intelligence, joined together in Amesto NextBridge. The company has earned a place among the top three most innovative companies in Norway. Lars’s entrepreneurial and business experience makes him a valued advisor and board member for startups within AI and exponential technology.


CristinaDuta bw 2Cristina Duta

Director of Intelligent Automation at AECOM

Cristina Duta, with more than 12 years of experience, spearheading transformative initiatives across diverse sectors such as Telekom, Life Sciences, Banking, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing. Armed with a Computer Science MSc and PhD, she excels in Intelligent Automation (IA) and conducts workshops where she unveils cutting-edge technologies like GenAI, blockchain, and IoT. Her pivotal roles as an advisor, executive committee member, and ambassador for key entities play a crucial part in shaping the future of work and innovation


Jerzy Biernacki

Chief AI Officer at Miquido

Jerzy Biernacki holds the position of Chief AI Officer at Miquido. Despite his executive position, he’s actively helping clients develop AI-driven mobile and web solutions. With a wealth of experience, he has collaborated with major brands such as PZU, Play, Aviva, Onkyo, and HelloFresh. Jerzy played a crucial role in establishing and growing the R&D and AI departments at Miquido. He holds a PhD in computer science from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. 


Gabriel Skelton bw@2x

Gabriel Skelton

Head of Artificial Intelligence Solutions at OpenBots

Gabierl Skelton is the Head of Artificial Intelligence Solutions for OpenBots and responsible for the creation of pre-packaged & customised automation solutions to enable digital transformation for banks, insurers, lenders and healthcare organisations. He assists clients in leveraging AI to process unstructured documents with high speed & accuracy. Gabriel leads a team of automation consultants, each with particular specialties across each industry by providing guidance in pairing firms with end-to-end intelligent automation solutions designed to streamline workflows and generate consistent ROI.


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Curious minds interested in introducing new technologies into their work


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