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Unlocking the EU AI Act: Practical Insights for Your Business

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Get ready for the future of AI regulation with the European Union's groundbreaking AI Act. Is your business prepared for this transformative law?

Watch our on-demand webinar to understand the world's first comprehensive AI law, which will change how AI is developed, deployed, and regulated across different sectors. Learn the essential steps your organization needs to take, from grasping the new landscape to aligning with GDPR. Our legal experts will offer practical insights to help you navigate the nuances of AI governance.

Join us and equip your organisation to comply with the EU AI Act and harness the power of effective AI governance.

Watch the webinar to learn


How to navigate the complexities of the EU AI Act and ensure compliance for your business.


Real-world case studies illustrating the immediate impacts of the AI Act on various industries and practical adaptation strategies.


Expert guidance on implementing internal policies and procedures to facilitate compliance with the EU AI Act.

Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the EU AI Act with our high-level overview, setting the stage for responsible and innovative AI deployment. Don't miss this chance to stay ahead of regulations and unlock the potential of compliant AI for your business.

About the Speakers

Cornelia Kutterer

Cornelia Kutterer

Managing Director at Considerati 

Cornelia Kutterer, Managing Director of Considerati in Belgium, specialises in legal and data protection services, AI governance, and public affairs. She's also a Senior Research Fellow at the Multidisciplinary Institute in AI, University of Grenoble, focusing on AI governance and regulation. With a background in technology law, she advises Safer.AI and is GPAI certified. Previously, she led Microsoft's Responsible Tech and Competition team in Europe and held roles in tech policy for over 15 years. Cornelia holds degrees from the University of Hamburg and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.


Paula Skrzypecka

Paula Skrzypecka

Senior Associate, Tech & E-com Leader at Creativa Legal

Paula Skrzypecka specialises in providing comprehensive legal services to tech companies, e-commerce platforms, startups, and software houses. With a focus on new technologies law, she aids businesses in mobile app development, SaaS solutions, AI tools, and blockchain projects. Paula ensures GDPR compliance for enhanced security and offers expertise in contract drafting and commercial law. As an academic lecturer and speaker, she shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and clarity.

Ansgar Koene

Ansgar Koene

EY Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader

Ansgar Koene, Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader at EY, leads AI policy and governance efforts, represents EY at OECD and Business at OECD committees, chaired the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations, and co-convenes European AI standards work. He advises organisations like 5Rights and AfroLeadership and contributes to projects on AI ethics and fairness. Ansgar's research spans policy, ethics, standards, robotics, neuroscience, and human behaviour, with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computational Neuroscience.



Jerzy Biernacki

Chief AI Officer at Miquido

Jerzy Biernacki holds the position of Chief AI Officer at Miquido. Despite his executive position, he’s actively helping clients develop AI-driven mobile and web solutions. With a wealth of experience, he has collaborated with major brands such as PZU, Play, Aviva, Onkyo, and HelloFresh. Jerzy played a crucial role in establishing and growing the R&D and AI departments at Miquido. He holds a PhD in computer science from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. 


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