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Generative AI and the music industry

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Generative AI is already transforming how we interact with software. But are you ready to discover how to harness its potential to empower the music industry?

Discover how GenAI is revolutionising the way artists connect with their audience, offering unmatched opportunities for creative expression and engagement. Led by music industry expert Pete Downton - a senior executive and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in both music and technology - the Innovation Waves webinar is a fascinating glimpse into the future of music. Unleash the creative potential of generative AI and witness its transformative impact on the relationship between music companies, artists and listeners. Sign up now to get instant access to the on-demand webinar!

Watch the webinar and learn


About the future of music consumption, and how companies can benefit from it


How GenAI empowers artist and their creativity in the content creation process


The latest state of the distribution and how it’s widening the scope of business opportunities

This high-level overview will give you the knowledge and confidence to embrace GenAI to start your innovation in the music business. Watch now to be at the forefront of the future of creativity and innovation!

About the Speaker 

Pete Downton

Pete Downton

International Expansion at Miquido
Culture, Sustainability & Digital Therapeutics Entrepreneur

Pete Downton is a respected music and tech executive with a strong background in digital transformation. He played a key role in Warner Music Group's shift to digital, working with industry giants like Apple, YouTube, and Spotify. As Deputy CEO of 7digital, he led the company to go public and secured high-profile clients like TikTok and Universal Music Group. Today, Pete focuses on growing Miquido, an innovative AI-enabled software company, globally. He also chairs Gixon and holds board positions at and MediMusic.

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