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AI's Influence on the Music Industry and Culture

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Artificial Intelligence isn't just a trend—it's reshaping the music industry. AI brings a cultural shift from composition to production and the immersive music experience. But what lies ahead?

Join us on a journey as we explore the profound impact of AI on the music industry and culture. Have you ever wondered how AI changes the relationship between artists and their fans? Or have you been impressed by its ability to navigate the diverse tapestry of cultural and genre-based nuances in musical preferences? We will dive deep into these questions and more, exploring the significant impact of AI on every aspect of the music landscape. From revolutionising business strategies to fostering stronger artist-fan connections, discover how AI is rewriting the playbook for the future of music. Sign up now to get instant access to the on-demand webinar!

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How does AI reshape the connection between artists and their audience?


How do AI algorithms cater to diverse cultural and genre-based music preferences and consumption nuances? 


How can the industry ensure the ethical use of AI in handling user data and addressing privacy concerns? 

After a dynamic 2023, where global recorded music revenues soared by 9.8% to reach $35.1 billion, the burning question on everyone's mind is: What's next? This high-level overview will be your all-access pass to understanding the future of music and AI's impact on it. Watch now to be at the forefront of the future of creativity and innovation!

Sania Haq Innovation Waves #2 Miquido

Sania Haq

Founder, Bye 2 Stereotypes

Sania Haq has over a decade of experience in the South Asian music industry with BollyCo and 12+ years in research, notably leading projects for AudienceNet music and entertainment-related work, for clients such as the IPO, IFPI, Sony, UMG, Warner, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, the BPI and ERA. She advocates for cultural understanding in music and now merges her music experience with research, spotlighting South Asian artists. Sania is also a DEI practitioner and Cultural Consultant, providing training and advising on engaging diverse audiences and addressing societal inequalities.

Hazel Savage Innovation Waves #2 Miquido

Hazel Savage

Current VP, Music Intelligence, SoundCloud

Hazel Savage, with 15 years of experience in the industry, is a music-tech lifer, guitarist, and former CEO/Co-Founder at Musiio. She started her music-tech journey as an early employee at Shazam. She spent time understanding the industry's pain points at Pandora, Universal and HMV before launching Musiio in 2018 and then selling the business to SoundCloud in 2022. Hazel travels globally, speaking at conferences and talking to catalogue owners about the value of artificial intelligence integration and digital transformation in the music industry. 

Jane Dyball Innovation Waves #2 Miquido

Jane Dyball

Non-Executive Director & Founder at Laffittes Ltd

Jane Dyball is a prominent figure in the music industry, having served as CEO of the Music Publishers Association's £200m turnover businesses. She's been recognised with awards like the Outstanding Contribution award at Music Week’s Women in Music Awards and the Ivors Academy Gold Badge. With a background in Legal & Business Affairs at Warner/Chappell Music, she's deeply involved in initiatives promoting access to opportunity, including co-chairing Attitude is Everything and co-founding Primadonna Festival CIC. She's also active in mentoring tech music startups and runs her own strategic consultancy, Laffittes Ltd.

Jerzy Biernacki Innovation Waves #2 Miquido

Jerzy Biernacki

Chief AI Officer at Miquido

Jerzy Biernacki holds the position of Chief AI Officer at Miquido. Despite his executive position, he’s actively helping clients develop AI-driven mobile and web solutions. With a wealth of experience, he has collaborated with major brands such as PZU, Play, Aviva, Onkyo, and HelloFresh. Jerzy played a crucial role in establishing and growing the R&D and AI departments at Miquido. He holds a PhD in computer science from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

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